Chess And Backgammon (Family Games)


Model Description:

I think that the most beautiful times are those when you are with the family, I wondered: How to make those times longer and more enjoyable? I think that the collective games such as board-games were mainly created for this purpose, so here I have designed two of them in one kit; chess and backgammon games. The family can gather to play, speak, and laugh.

Four people can play at the same time, for example, the Father and the daughter can play chess, while the mother and the son are playing backgammon, this can create an atmosphere of joy and Competition in the family times.

More information about the games here:
Chess (
Backgammon (

All Parts:
Chess (Board, Bishop, King, Knight, Pawn, Queen and Rook)
Backgammon (Board, Dice and Piece)

Polys Count: 583330
Verts Count: 404370


Available Formats : .max(3ds max 2012 default with textures) .fbx .3ds .stl .obj(Boards with textures)
Download ZIP file


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