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This site is a window on our creative works, Ideas, 3D Models, Designs, Photography and much more…

In the 3D Library, you can find my 3D Models, created and rendered with 3Ds Max and KeyShot, classified into 9 categories; Architecture, Vehicles, Furniture, Household Items, Food, Electronics, Jewelery, Toys, and Miscellaneous.

Latest Entries in the Library:

In the Tutorials Section, some useful guides and tutorials on using 3ds Max, Keyshot and Photoshop will be introduced very soon.

More Designs, 3d models, stl files, renderings, and tutorials can also be found on my  GrabCAD Page

The site is still under construction, however I hope you will find it nice and useful..

finally, I’d like to thank my brother Mahmood for all his help and support in designing this website.

Mohammad Hisham Shubbak

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